“Tonight, we let the world know that this is Canada’s year in history.”
- Prime Minister Lester Pearson, on the eve of 1967

It might come as a surprise, but our Centennial celebration was not originally a government initiative. It took years of lobbying by a diverse gathering of private organisations - from the YMCA to the Architectural Institute - to convince Ottawa to act.

In the end, arenas, community centres, parks, libraries, museums and theatres were built across the country in honour of the Centennial. Many of these structures continue to serve not only in their original capacity, but as monuments to Canadian pride and ingenuity.

In 2017 Canada will celebrate its Sesqui­centennial - its 150th birthday. Considering the geographical and political challenges we have faced as a nation, it is a tribute to our ideals and values as Canadians that we have come this far.

It is time to honour Canadian culture and creativity. It is time to support our industry and technology. It is time to unite the country and it is time, once again, to celebrate.